Monday, November 2, 2009

Black Beans & Corn

This is a tasty side dish, You will need;
2- Cups of Black Beans, boiled/cooked well with 1 tblsp of salt, saved in it's juices
3- Jalepeno peppers, sliced "nacho style", boiled with the beans
1- med red onion, chopped
1- large red pepper, cut to 1/8" squares
.25- bunch of cilantro
2- cups of frozen corn kernals, out thawing
1/2- tsp cumin
1/2- tsp hot chili powder
the juice of 2 limes
Here are some serving suggestions;
Using a slotted spoon, move the beans and jalepenos to a 3-5 qt saucepan, stir in the; chili powder, cumin, corn, and lime juice. Warm this for 5 minutes then add the cilantro, onions and peppers, stir well, remove from heat, cover, serve.
Suggestion 2
You can strain and rinse the beans, mix all the ingredients, chill and serve as a salsa.
You can add this salsa to your chicken quesadillas.

Ixni-Pec......Mayan Habanero Salsa

Ixni Pec means "dogs nose" in mayan, it's a habanero pepper salsa, very hot, so expect a "wet" nose after eating this one. Always wear plastic gloves when working with hot peppers. You will need;

6- habanero peppers, stems, seeds & membranes removed...diced
2- Lg Roma tomatoes...diced
1- Med Red onion...diced
.25- Bunch of cilantro...chopped
1- Tblsp chopped fresh mint leaves
2- Tblsp bitter orange juice
1 Tsp salt
Mix the items well.....For a hotter salsa, add more peppers.....Serve this salsa with grilled fish or chicken, fresh mangoes, cantaloupe, pineapple and black beans & corn (recipe on this page).